Q: I closed my browser window and now I can’t get back to my course – help!!

A: Click the link in your confirmation email to access your course any time – watch this video for more details >>

Q: How Do I Create an Account?

A: When you go to buy a course, you are prompted to log into your Ohio Nurses Association account.

If you don’t have an account, click the “Don’t have an account” link beneath the login box, follow the steps to create an account and complete your order.

It’s possible that you have an account if you’ve ever attended an event or were ever a member of ONA. In that case, our system will show possible matching accounts. If you know one of them is you, you can select it and re-set your password. Otherwise, you can continue with the new account creation process.

If you are a member of the Ohio Nurses Association and are logging in for the very first time, click the “Forgot Password” link below the login box. Enter the email address associated with your ONA membership, and a password reset email will be sent to you. Click on the link in the email to reset your password, and you’ll be able to log in and complete your purchase.

Q: How do I register for the APRN Schedule II Courses?

A: Watch this video for step-by-step instruction on how to register and access your APRN Schedule II Courses

Q: Do I have to be a member of ONA to create an account?

A: You don’t have to be a member of the Ohio Nurses Association to create an account for CE4Nurses or to attend our live CE events, and creating an account does not sign you up for ONA membership.

Q: Once I complete my purchase, how do I access my course?

A: Be sure to click on the “Return to CE4Nurses” button on the confirmation page to be redirected to your course.

Q: How Do I Save My Answers?

A: There’s no way to save your answers, but you can easily print the post-test and mark your answers, then enter online when you’re ready to pay and submit your course for grading.

Q: I need a copy of a certificate from a test I took in your old system. How do I get that?

A: We have it, just contact us. We’ll email or mail it to you.

Q: I need a copy of a certificate from a test I took in this system. How do I get that?

A: A copy was emailed to you, but if you can’t find it, contact us. We’ll email or mail it to you.

Q: I’m a member of the Ohio Nurses Association so I get 3 free courses per quarter. How do I get my courses for free?

A:  You just have to log into your account at checkout to get ONA member pricing – no need for coupon codes anymore!

Q. How many contact hours do I need to get or renew a license in Ohio?

A: Each person licensed as an RN or LPN in Ohio must complete twenty-four (24) contact hours of CE during each licensure period to renew a license. A nurse who has been licensed by endorsement for less than or equal to one (1) year must complete twelve (12) contact hours. At least one (1) of the required contact hours must be Category A.

The RN licensure period is from September 1 of odd numbered years through August 31 of the following odd numbered year. The LPN licensure period is from September 1 of even numbered years through August 31 of the following even numbered year.

Q. How does the Board know I met the CE requirement? Do you send my certificate to the Board.

A. Licensee and certificate holders are required to indicate whether they have met the CE requirement during the time of renewal (on the renewal application).  Individuals are not required to send documentation of their contact hours with their renewal application. CE4Nurses does not send your certificate to the Board, but we do keep copies on file for the period of time required by the Board. You should keep a copy of your certificates should the Board request them.

Evidence of CE is required when reactivating or reinstating an inactive or lapsed license or certificate, or upon receipt of a “CE Audit” letter. In addition, when reactivating or reinstating a license or certificate, CE requirements may vary.

Q. What is an audit?
The Board may conduct a random audit of any licensee or certificate holder to determine compliance with CE requirements. The time period for which you are being audited will be stated in the “CE Audit” letter. If audited, an individual will be asked to send photocopies of CE certificates or school transcripts to the Board. You should keep a copy of your CE4Nurses certificate should you be audited.

Q. What records should I keep and how long should I keep them?

A. Documentation of completion of a CE activity should be supplied by the provider of that activity. If audited, you will be required to send photocopies of documents (i.e. certificate) that contain all of the following information:

• name;
• title of the program;
• date of program completion;
• name of the provider;
• number of contact hours;
• OBN Approver number or the name of the authorized provider or the name of the approval body.

Q. How do I know if a particular educational activity is acceptable to the Board as recognized CE?

A. Any of the following options may be used by a licensee or certificate holder to satisfy the CE requirements:

  • A CE activity that has been approved by an OBN Approver or by a board or agency regulating the licensee or certificate holder in another jurisdiction. An OBN Approver is an organization that has been authorized by the Board to approve continuing education activities offered by a provider or to approve a Provider Unit. An acceptable CE certificate will include a statement with the OBN Approver’s name and number.

The Ohio Nurses Association OBN Approver Number is OBN-001-91. CE4Nurses is operated by the Ohio Nurses Association.

Q: I have questions about CE requirements in Ohio.

A: You can contact the Ohio Nurses Association at 614-237-5414 and ask to speak with the Continuing Education Department, or you can contact the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Q: You didn’t answer my question.

A:  Contact Us, we’ll answer it!