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Prescribing Schedule II Medications – Total Contact Hours: 7.6 (3.5 Hours Category A, 7.6 Pharmacology for APRNs)

Indications and contraindications for the use of schedule II controlled substances in drug therapies, including risk, evaluation and mitigation strategies for the use of opiates in the treatment of chronic pain for non-terminal conditions, and the need for periodic assessment and documentation of the patient’s functional status; The most recent guidelines and recommendations for pain management therapies and education. The most recent guidelines and recommendations for stimulant therapies utilized in the management of attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder, as adopted by state and national organizations such as the American academy of pediatrics; Fiscal and ethical implications of prescribing schedule II controlled substances; Ohio state and federal laws that apply to the authority to prescribe schedule II controlled substances. Prevention of abuse and diversion of schedule II controlled substances.